Thymus - the energy of life itself

Here: our primary goal is to revolutionize what food we grow, how we grow it and why.

Thymus, in Greek, means ‘the energy of life itself.’ “

“Above all it’s the energy of passion, appetite, yearning, longing.” Peter Kingsley

Life is a rich and meaningful journey. Parmenides the Ancient Greek mystic started his famous poem with these words:

“The mares that carry me as far as longing can reach rode on, once they had come and fetched me onto the legendary road of divinity that carries the man who knows through the vast and dark unknown.”

Our folly as humans is to try to dominate or punish and control our longing. But when left to itself, when a life is lived authentically, in alignment with a deeper sense of self, our appetites and longing make it possible “for us to go all the way to where we really need to go.”

It is important to discern what quality of appetite informs our lives. If we don’t live in accordance with certain principles we are more likely to develop autoimmune conditions and ill health.

Diet means “a way of living.” It’s about exercise, attitude and an understanding of how food is procured and harvested from the soils and waters of nature, the quality of our sleep, etc.

Our focus with the Thymus is to liberate man from pharmaceutical medicine by educating about eating food wisely, exercising frequently, nurturing gardens and each other and practicing yoga.

A lot of health challenges in the world are born of diets that are not balanced nor mindful of the lectins that plants produce to protect themselves from being eaten. Also man has made errors with how he treats the soil and how he feeds and breeds birds, livestock, fish and sea life.

The promotion of a more sane awareness around the food we eat can profoundly contribute to ending the need for hospitals.

The pain mechanism in the personality and our approaches to human relationships and management, when not intelligent, can be the root causes of ill health. When addressed wisely they heal the root causes of ill health in individuals and society.

Here we educate about food.